Saturday, October 19, 2013

What is an order of protection? And should I have one?

An order of protection is a document issued by the court that forbids an individual from engaging in certain behavior.  For example,
  • an order of protection can forbid a person from having any contact with the victim. 
  • the person can’t go to the victim’s home, place of employment, or school, or contact the victim via email, phone, text message or any other electronic means. 
  • An order of protection can also require an individual not to assault, threaten, harass, or stalk a victim. (according to NY

At Molloy College The Department of Public Safety's priorities include personal as well as community safety. The Department requests that every individual who currently possesses Family Court, Criminal Court, or Supreme Court Orders of Protection submit a copy to the Department of Public Safety. Once received, the Department will file a copy with the Rockville Centre Police Department.

Orders of Protection are not only designed to keep an individual safe but also the community in which the individual works and/or studies. The Public Safety Department is mainly comprised of retired police officers, detectives, supervisors and commanders, highly trained in such matters. Those individuals who come from other backgrounds have received training in safety, tactics and investigative techniques from members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local law enforcement agencies.

Remember, every time an order is renewed, you must again file a copy with the Molloy Department of Public Safety. The Department assures all those who file that every effort will be made to keep identities and details  confidential.

  • A Family Court Order of Protection's purpose is to prevent violence within a family or intimate relationship.
  • A Criminal Court Order of Protection's is usually issued following the arrest of an individual for committing a crime against another.
  • A Supreme Court Order of Protection is issued in an ongoing divorce case.

  If you have any questions regarding Court orders, contact the Department of Public Safety at 516.323.3500, ext. 3503 or 3504.

 Orders of Protection Information - Molloy College

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