Friday, October 25, 2013


How do I help a Friend Who Is a Victim of an abusive relationship?

BE THERE, your presence is what will matter most! A clam, safe and reassuring environment is important! You will need to be patient, your friend may be embarrassed or guarded and it may take a while before your friend feels safe enough to leave the relationship. It is also very important not to impose your will on your friend, it is natural to want a ‘quick’ solution and therefore we may inadvertently say, “Just leave him or her.”  That very statement may not have the desired outcome!!  Remember: Everyone is different. There isn't any one single solution.

o   Listen. Being there to help means supporting his/her choices.

o   Tell him/her the perpetrator is responsible for the behavior.

o   Help him/her see possible choices and alternatives.

o   Provide information about counseling and other resources both on and off campus.


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