Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Emotional Abuse...what is it and can you recognize it?

Emotional Abuse
Emotional abuse  may lead to physical violence.  It is a powerful tool used by one person to maintain a feeling of power and control over another person.
This type of abuse instills negative feeling such as shame, embarrassment, guilt and fear. Emotional abuse may include belittling or humiliating a partner in public or in private, it also includes name calling, making a partner feel ashamed, controlling money, it may also include gaining access to passwords, IDs, and cell phone. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to The Partner Project via a confidential email, just click on the link and scroll down http://www.molloy.edu/offices-and-services/student-affairs/the-partner-project
The Abuser
The Victim
Wants all the control
·         Makes all the decisions
·         Acts very possessive
·         Needs to win every argument
·         May demand sex after an argument to “make up”
Often can’t name or talk about the problem
·         Blames herself or himself
·         Makes excuses for the partner’s behavior
·         Believes the partners actions are a sign of love
Discounts feeling & views
·         Puts down, makes fun of or embarrasses partner
·         Is jealous or critical of partner’s friends and family
May lose confidence or feel afraid
·         Questions his or her own feelings or perspectives
·         Often tries to explain what he or she meant
·         Feels distressed. Stressed, or isolated
·         Spends less and less time with friends or family.
·         Spends less time in activities they use to enjoy
·         Changes how he or she acts to avoid making partner angry.
·         May experience chronic headaches, fatigue, and  eating disorders
·         Experiences a loss of self-respect and feelings of self-worth
·         May give up on school, a job, or other life goal.

Confuses & frightens partner
·         Blames partner or others for his or her anger
·         May be ‘tender” one moment than angry the next
·         Uses threat or physical force

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